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NutriWIne - Where Eco Irish Wine Club Originated

Wine is an industry now worth $107 billion that has long been connected to

health and well-being down the ages. Here's why....

Did you know that wine protects you from a heart attack? Health Guru Ralph Quinlan Forde explains all of this in his groundbreaking book - NutriWine. The book is full to the brim with the reasons why moderate wine drinking can safeguard your health and boost your well-being.

Wine he asserts is a ‘superfood’ when taken in moderation.

A wine tasting to inspire.

Wine helps to keep you young, diabetes free, slim, and healthy whilst maintaining your longevity. Wine could even save your life. Would you like to know exactly who drinks wine with you and millions of others? Turn on the relaxation response with Chardonnay? How social media is changing the face of the wine industry? Understand the history of wine and medicine and why its so good that you drink wine in moderation? Then Nutriwine is your guide. Author Ralph Quinlan Forde's first book The Book Of Tibetan Medicine went into 11 languages and received rave reviews. Wine is an industry now worth $107 billion that has long been connected to health and wellbeing down the ages. Here Ralph Quinlan Forde, alternative medicine expert explores the contemporary world of wine, viticulture and the scientific innovations that are taking place in the wine universe in terms of protecting your health and the environment.

Wine helps to keep you young, diabetes free, slim, and healthy whilst maintaining longevity. Wine could even save your life. Over 80 million people are wine drinkers in the U.S. and people in the U.K only drink wine once a month and should drink more frequently to avail of the benefits. Ralph Quinlan Forde said, “The book started with my passion for natural medicine. As someone with an honours degree in biotechnology I know scientifically the power that wine has on boosting health. I even prescribe champagne for depressives and I have explained why in my new book. I hope NutriWine encourages more people especially those with heart disease, diabetes and cancer to start drinking wine. The world of wine is fascinating in terms of innovations particularly in environmental science." Climate change could totally destroy all vineyards within 20 years. The book explores all the natural solutions and the benefits of drinking organic wine and the power of the green consumer. A glass of wine a day really can keep a heart attack away and I have the evidence to prove it.” These are just some of the interesting stories he has included in his new book NutriWine; • A sommelier whose nose is insured for 20 million Euros • The $750 million wine compound • How red wine protects you from heart attacks • A wine drinking Japanese robot and an electronic wine tasting tongue • Wine making wizards using astrological viticulture • Nurses that drink wine who reduce their diabetes risk by 52% • Wine sex & romance • Weight loss wine enthusiasts • Why green wine is better for you and the environment • The first carbon zero winery • Wine 2.0 & 14 million wine conversations

Order your copy of the book or download the audiobook here

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