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Our First Organic Wine for September Subscription Box 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

From doing a lot of wine tastings of wonderful organic wines

we have decided the first wine of the Eco Irish Wine Monthly Organic Subscription Box in September 2021 will be a white J.F. Arriezu 2018 wine - 100% organic Sauvignon Blanc.

This stands out for its great aromatic intensity. Fruity and floral. Persistent and balanced.

J.F. Arriezu 2018 Sauvignon Blanc.

Appearance: Intense color with green highlights, clean and bright.

In glass: Medium intensity, varietal character, white fruit notes (apple and pear) and an elegant mineral endnote.

In mouth: Fresh and rich in nuances, pleasant acidity, perfect for gastronomical pairings

for the grape test is long lasting.

The founder, grew up surrounded by the grapes that grew alongside him in his grandparents’ large spanish estates, in a small town right on the border between La Rioja and Navarra: San Adrián.

In the year 1989, he started to make his own wine to sell in bulk. having dreamt of establishing his own brand of wine.

He studied viticulture and enology, and collecting years of experience in the wine business in both national and international spheres, having lead innovative projects in wine production in Mexico and Spain.

In 2013 when in La Sombría - one of his ranches in Pozaldez - he starts to produce verdejo wine, and in El Monte -in San Adrián-, his Riojan tempranillo. One white, one red, but both fruity, fresh, authentic, complex like any good wine and organic.

Nowadays these winemakers own San Adrián (Navarra) 72 hectares attached to D.O.C. Rioja, where the estate "Los Mejicanos" stands out. It is a 43 hectare plot from where you can see the Ebro Valley and a sea of vineyards, that curiously is the origin of more than 25% of the actual D.O.C. Rioja vineyards.

This is because it has been an inexhaustible source of vine shoots production for the vine plant producers for years.

Their red wine J.F. Arriezu Crianza 2016 has just been recently awarded with a gold medal at the Spanish tender Ecovino 2021.

So we are speaking with them about including this in perhaps our December box for Christmas.

We are excited to be working with these wine growers as there is an art in what they do.

We also with Eco Irish Wine wish with you to support organic wine makers.

We have chosen Arriezu as they also aim to convert very soon, some of their vineyards to a Demeter standard which is biodynamic and even more profound than organic.

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