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Organic Wine Monthly Subscription Box

Our mission is to bring the best organic and biodynamic wines directly to the Irish consumer. This will start in September 2021 but the subscription will be open for purchase from July.

We aim to do this by operating a monthly subscription box scheme. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of certified organic produce on themselves and the planet.

Organic wines are fantastic tasting, have no pesticides, very little sulphites that contribute to hangovers and many are winning awards. The makers of the best wines in the world use organic and biodynamic methods to produce their wines.

Each month for just 95 Euros you will receive a mixed box of six 750ml bottles of certified organic wines. There will be three reds and three whites in each box.

Our wine buyer Ralph Quinlan Forde BSc Hons MA biotechnologist collaborates with over 300 certified organic vineyards right across Europe and further into the wine universe. So we will be ordering the wines from the best organic wine producers. His second book Nutriwine is all about the world of wine so your wines from this scheme will be expertly selected.

By signing up to the scheme you will be saving up to 50% on wines you would normally buy at the supermarket but will be contributing to the growth of organic wines which are better for the planet and you. The wines will be exclusive you will not find them anywhere else. You will also receive digital tasting notes about the six wines every month that you will be receiving.

Every monthly box will be different so you will get to taste 72 different wines over the 12 months the scheme will run.

During summer your box will will contain a certified organic Rose wine and in December a bottle of organic port.

Many of our wines will also be certified Vegan which is another attraction and reason to sign up to the scheme.

Subscriptions boxes will start to be delivered in September 2021. Applications for the scheme open in July so sign up with your email below to be alerted when the scheme opens for people to sign up.

We will only be able to cater for 450 lucky people the first year. So its first come first serve. So be sure to subscribe the moment the scheme opens. So make sure you enter your email in the subscription box below.

As soon at the 450 people have subscribed with their credit cards the scheme will close to anybody else.

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